Young Devon

Since 1949 Young Devon has supported and run services with and for young people that make a real difference; The key values of YOUNG DEVON are those of: Open access ( open access service for young people all over Devon, including Plymouth and Torbay), Mutual respect, Involving young people, Voluntary contact.

How do we achieve this?


  1. Working directly with young people, especially those who are vulnerable or marginalized within their local community
  2. Supporting others who work with young people with a variety of training and developmental services.
  3. Carrying out research and developing strategies in partnership with others, which lead to the development of good practice. AIMS & OBJECTIVES “Our Vision: Young Devon exist to ‘Change the Odds in Favour of Young People’.

We are a charitable organisation who aim to challenge the negative stereotypes about young people – campaigning alongside and for them. We work with all young people from targeted to universal but it is our primary objective to enhance the lives and promote opportunity for those who are least likely to have their voices heard and whose life circumstances impeded their ability to achieve their full potential. We have set ourselves three key challenges at the heart of the organisation to enable us to achieve our vision:

Challenge A – To promote and support a quality life experience, enabling young people to become resilient and succeed in their right to enjoy safe, healthy & happy lives.

Challenge B – To secure young people’s right to participate and be meaningfully involved in society and to influence decision makers who have the power to impact on their lives.

Challenge C – To invest in young people, building their life skills, confidence and motivation; and to create opportunities for them to make an active and valued contribution in their communities.

FACTS: Young Devon makes contact with over 10,000 young people a year and works intensively with many young people that have a range of challenges that they want to overcome, in order to fulfil their potential. Every night Young Devon ensures that 200 young people are able to access supported accommodation across Devon and Plymouth. Every month Young Devon offers 500 hours of counselling to young people through our network of drop in centres.”

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