Play Torbay

Play Torbay is an incorporated charity and Company Limited by Guarantee (Charity no. 1137551 and Company no. 7269045) launched on 7 October 2010, previously and since 1999 known as Torbay Play Forum. Our aim is to improve the quality and quantity of play provision for children and young people living in Torbay and raise awareness about the importance of play in children’s lives.

Our core activities are:

  • Free holiday and half-term activity programmes
  • Adventure Playgrounds – developments in Brixham: Indigos Go Wild, Paignton: Wild Fox and Torquay: Fort Apache
  • Alternative Education
  • Play Days
  • Quest Builders
  • Inclusion Programme
  • Training and CPD
  • Skills Bank Scheme

We raise funds to provide free activities and transport for children across the Bay particularly for those who may not be able to access opportunities otherwise.

Our Vision

We provide:

  • New facilities for children and young people
  • More facilities and opportunities for playworkers and people who work with children and young people
  • Continued delivery, maintenance and support for existing community facilities and play opportunities for children
  • Promotion of accessible play opportunities for all children and young people in Torbay
  • A new membership play association supporting children’s play in Torbay: PLAY TORBAY

We mainly work with children and families who are disadvantaged for a number of reasons including poverty, disability or marginalisation;  we explore the potential of offering play to local children and look at ways to develop community cohesion.

Our adventure play areas have brought together parents and local people and built new social networks helping us to get families to know each other and give parents more confidence to let their children play outside.  In Torbay there is a significant older population and some evidence that children are regarded with hostility.  We want to raise the profile of play, the importance of children in the public realm and the vital importance of play children’s social and physical well being.


The Barn, Brixham Enterprise Estate
Rea Barn Road

01803 8501570





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